Apollo 180 - rooftop cargo carrier


Empowered by the sun!

Imagine 25 cubic feet of storage and 180 watts of power within the same electrifying footprint. It's the perfect cargo carrier for Van Lifers, Overlanders and RVers!  We modified our Trailblazer by embedding Zamp Solar's 180-watt Obsidian series solar panels.

We include a 3ft ATP/SAE connector at the nose for easy plug-in to your existing power system.  We also include in internal wire with Anderson plug so you can charge a portable battery.  Plug it in while you drive and you'll be powered up when you get to your destination. 

Optional 10ft cord with Anderson plug.

Each box is finished with a hard gel coating to handle extreme conditions and 80-pound struts that are strong enough to keep the lid open with all of the extra weight. 

Included is a 3-foot cord connector to hook into your electric system.

-Black Raptor Tough Finish standard
-Custom Color Raptor Tough Finish for $100 more

-Black or White Gel Coat for $300 more
-or a Custom Color Automotive Paint for $475 more

(Custom Colors are not limited to the examples shown. Choose ANY color you want. Just give us the color code or VIN number.)

Dimensions:  91" x 44" x 14"    
Weight: 140 pounds, including solar panels
Storage Capacity: 25 cubic feet

PRESS from Outside Business Journal for Packasport Apollo 180

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