Freestyler - rooftop cargo carrier (System 60)


The Freestyler is our most versatile model to combine additional cargo space along side their gear, like surfboards, bikes, canoes, etc...  Our narrow, half rack, standard height makes the Freestyler perfect for skiers & boarders.  

Our patented, rear-angled base and expanded vehicle mounting points maximize trunk and hatch clearance. Each box is finished with a hard gel coating to handle extreme conditions and strong a strut system helps ensure that it will stay securely open.

-Black Raptor Tough Finish standard
-Custom Color Raptor Tough Finish for $100 more

-Black or White Gel Coat for $300 more
-or Custom Color Automotive Paint for $475 more

(Custom Colors are not limited to the examples shown. Choose ANY color you want. Just give us the color code or VIN number.)

Dimensions:  89" x 24" x 12"    
Weight: 78 pound   
Storage Capacity:  12 cubic feet

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