On the Way to the Football Game

We are deep into the 2021-2022 Football season. With everything in full swing, from college to pro football games, you may be doing a lot of traveling to see a game. Here are some travel tips to have the best experience possible.

Game Plan

Before you leave home, make sure to check hotel or Airbnb availability before you buy tickets. Places to stay can sell out even a year before the game. If you have secured a place to crash, then you can confidently secure your tickets. Make reservations to the places you’d like to dine as well. Yelp is my favorite search tool for those types of places. Remember that restaurants can be understaffed, so be patient.  

When heading to the game, bringing snacks and comfortable shoes for walking around and standing. Arrive at least an hour prior to the game so you have time to park, get something to eat, use the restroom, and enjoy the pre-game celebrations. 

The ESPN Football schedule along with their Stats & Information provides everything you’ll need to get the most out of NFL football season. 


Now that you have a plan, be mindful of your time. Traffic may be heavy, especially around the stadium. I like to use the restroom just before getting in the car. There is nothing worse than having to use the john while in traffic. If you don’t want to deal with the parking lot, the perhaps take an Uber. You will still need to plan time for the driver to get to you and any unforeseen encounters they may have. They will likely drop you off a distance from the stadium, so it’s a good thing you packed those comfortable shoes.  

Mind The Weather

A day outside watching your favorite team can easily be dampened if you aren’t prepared for the weather. Pack what the weather calls for like sunblock, a hat or scarves and mittens. Make sure you layer your clothing You’ll be outside for an extended period of time, so make sure you’re comfortable. Check the stadium rules to confirm the items that you packed are okay to bring.

Cash in Hand

Most concession stands take credit cards, while some may be cash only. Sometimes there are separate lines for credit cards and cash. Often the cash lines are shorter. Have plenty of small bills for convivence.

Zoom In

Regardless of seating position, it can be difficult to see all of the action if you are on the opposite side of the field. It’s helpful to have decent binoculars. This way you can see every little detail in important plays.

Post Game Plan

Whether you are a Denver Broncos fan or a hard core Patriots supporter, it’s fun to spend time tail-gating. Bring your tail-gate equipment in your Packasport to make the most of your Football schedule. There is plenty of space for extra seating or grilling tools.

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