We're Going on a Road Trip to the Adventure Van Expo in Bend, Oregon!

Here in the Hudson Valley, NY, we are used to humidity. Summers are steamy. Winters are icy. The snow is heavy. It’s also lusciously verdant. The many clear lakes and dramatically grand Hudson River are full to the brim of clear, clean water.

After some recent record rains, It’s getting too green. Moss and mold decorate most outdoor wooden surfaces and I’m feeling like it’s starting to grow on me. It’s time to dry out. A few days of warm, arid breezes should do the trick. I’ll head west for the Adventure Van Expo (AVE) in usually moist Bend, OR but I’ll begin the trip as a refreshingly dry road trip from New Mexico.

Day 1 – Destination: Albuquerque, NM
Late flight from NYC gets in just in time for bed. Good thing the hotel is next to the airport.

Day 2 – Destination: Santa Fe, NM
I’ll pick up a cargo van from Hertz and make my way up to Santa Fe to pick up an Apollo. Months ago I sent one to a journalist for Outside Magazine. She took a few road trips, wrote up some articles and submitted for print. Fingers crossed we get a good mention. In the meantime, I’m retrieving this expensive unit to bring to the AVE.

Day 3 – Destination: Moab, UT
Leaving north from Santa Fe, we’ll cruise thru Taos, cutting northwest thru southern Colorado.
I’ll make stops at the photo worthy spots on this leg, including the Mesa Verde National Park.

Day 4 – Destination: Salt Lake City, UT
Salt Lake is quite a happening spot. Wonderful weather, lots of outdoor activities and 30 minutes to multiple, world class ski resorts.

Day 5 Destination: Boise, ID
Not sure what Boise is all about. I’m looking forward to exploring the energy of the city and the natural beauty that surrounds it.

Day 6 – Destination: Hood River, OR
I’ll be visiting one of my dearest friends who recently moved to this beautiful Oregon logging town.

We're incredibly excited to end our road trip at the Adventure Van Expo in Bend, September 4-5! Be sure to stop by to see the unveiling of our brand new Apollo 90 and for a chance to win a special gift - See you all soon!

- Franco 



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