Pro Angler - rooftop cargo carrier


This EXTRA LONG rooftop cargo carrier is popular with Pro Anglers for fishing poles and reels. Our Pro Angler is narrow enough to allow other playthings to come along, like bikes, sailboards and kayaks.  At nearly 8 1/2 feet, it fits best on longer rigs. 

Our patented, rear-angled base and expanded vehicle mounting points maximize trunk and hatch clearance. Each cargo box is finished with a hard gel coating to handle extreme conditions and a strong lifting strut system so you can trust it will never close while open.

-Black Raptor Tough Finish
-Custom Color Raptor Tough Finish for $100 more

(Custom Colors are not limited to the examples shown. Choose ANY color you want. Just give us the color code or VIN number.)

Dimensions:  101" x 29" x 13"    
Weight: 95 pounds
Storage Capacity: 18.5 cubic feet

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