Packasport is The Best Cargo Carrier – Function, Style, Forever

The art of living in the present is a simple practice, you just have to pay attention to the current world around you to receive the highest dividends. This simple practice is the foundation for the creation of our lived experiences

What we appreciate the most about our Packasport family, is their attention to detail, in how it relates to lifestyle. Our users are mindful and seek components that make their life experiences incredibly functional and unmistakably sexy.

Packasport patrons believe paying extra for quality is the rule, not an option. Over the life of our boxes, the total cost of ownership for our cargo carriers is far below our closest competition. Our cargo carriers can last decades for some customers and when simple math is done, it becomes a no-brainer as to which manufacturer of vehicle rooftop boxes you should choose.

Packasport cargo carriers are known for their best-in-class build quality, design and custom color options. Each carrier features a sleek fiberglass shell, stainless steel hardware and marine grade carpet lining.  Every Packasport is hand crafted here in the USA and always will be. 

Our boxes are so long-lasting, user termite on Swedespeed, recommends finding a used one and sprucing it back up to like-new condition. A fresh coat of paint to match your vehicle, or style, can go a long way. But good luck finding them second-hand, our customers tend to keep their boxes for the duration of their lives. Although, we do appreciate those who welcome a used Packasport with open arms.

To ensure you didn’t just gloss over this little detail, we’re going to say this one more time. Our carriers are the most durable on the market and can last generations. With that durability comes a design that can match any luxury or sport vehicle’s aura. Our boxes look and work great on Jeep, Subaru and Toyota as much as they do on Mercedes, Lexus and Volvo. That means regardless what you drive, this is the last cargo box you ever need to buy. 

Buy a Packasport once to enjoy its quality and timeless design forever. That’s some of the best dividends we know.


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Founded in 1985 in Bend, Oregon, Packasport manufacturers durable rooftop storage solutions that allow you to pack smartly for your adventures. Built to last a lifetime with marine grade fiberglass, our hardshell cargo boxes are proudly manufactured in the USA. Spacious, with rear entry access and designed to reduce roads noise, Packasport boxes are available in eight different models. Complete, customizable color matching options are available, and our boxes fit a wide variety of vehicles ­­– cars, vans, trucks, even boats.We proudly offer $299 flat rate shipping in the continental United States.