What separates a rooftop cargo carrier from another?

The majority of rooftop boxes these days are made of injection molded plastic. They may be slick-looking and inexpensive, but as they say, "you get what you pay for."  

The number one complaint heard about cheap plastic cargo carriers is the loud rattle while on the road and their short life span. Personally, we don’t recommend these plastic carriers due to issues with safely securing your valuable items.

On the flip side, certain carriers are hand-crafted with reinforced fiberglass for strength and durability. Those "certain carriers" are produced by the one and only Packasport.

Packasport secures the top spot among high-end cargo carriers by addressing every problem that comes with low-end carriers. The bottom of each box is lined with marine-grade carpeting to protect cargo and reduce rattling noises. Every product is also equipped with a watertight barrel lock to keep the bad guys out.

cargo carrier

Not only do our products separate us from the competition, but so do our customers. Our customers consider our products are a wise investment. Not only do they never have to worry about replacing their rooftop cargo carrier again, but they also have the option to retire it for great resale value after years of use.

Packasport rooftop carriers are for customers who:

  • value quality craftsmanship
  • look for lasting purchases
  • consider cargo safety an essential
  • appreciate style and aesthetic
  • take pride in their vehicles

Packasport rooftop carriers are not suggested for customers who:

  • orient themselves towards low-cost products 
  • hunt for bargains
  • make quick decisions 
  • lack appreciation for well-made things
  • intend for short-term use

We would also like to add, our customer base is slowly evolving into individuals who value innovation.

With the recent release of our Apollo 180 and Apollo 90 solar-embedded models and our Pro Angler extra-long box, Packasport is leading the way in the rooftop cargo carrier market.

We are constantly asking, "How can we make our products better?"

Further evidence of this can be found in our wind tunnel-tested sculpted design and scratch-resistant Raptor tough finishes. On top of that, we offer contemporary purchasing options like cryptocurrency payments and Buy Now, Pay Later services.

Stay tuned for our next big idea!

rooftop cargo boxes packasport logoAlways innovating - Packasport takes the road less traveled.



Founded in 1985 in Bend, Oregon, Packasport manufactures durable rooftop storage solutions that allow you to pack smartly for your adventures. Built to last a lifetime with marine grade fiberglass, our hard-shell cargo boxes are proudly manufactured in Eugene, Oregon. Spacious, with rear entry access and designed to reduce road noise, Packasport boxes are available in nine different models. Complete, customizable color matching options are available, and our boxes fit a wide variety of vehicles ­­– cars, vans, trucks, and even boats. We proudly offer $299 flat rate shipping in the continental United States.