Packasport is Raptor Tough - The Most Durable Cargo Box Coating

The highest quality rooftop cargo carrier just got better. Like, 10x times better. We now feature scratch resistant Raptor Tough liner finishes. 

Packasport fiberglass carriers are constructed in the same way as a boat. The process of layering fiberglass and resin starts with layers of gel coat to create a glossy finish. This gorgeous finish will eventually fade in the sun - especially black, our most popular color! To keep the shine, you must lovingly give your box a wax at least once a year. 

Raptor gives each Packasport a maintenance free coating that’s as durable as the box itself. The rough matte finish resists scratches and fading, while maintaining a badass look, only our cargo boxes can. 

Although black is the most popular color for Raptor Tough, we can paint it any color you like. Just send us the color code and we’ll deliver your custom box in no time! 

And for those who prefer a luxury appeal, we still offer our carriers with our high-gloss gel coating. After all, they are beautiful.   


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 Always innovating - Packasport takes the road less traveled. 



Founded in 1985 in Bend, Oregon, Packasport manufacturers durable rooftop storage solutions that allow you to pack smartly for your adventures. Built to last a lifetime with marine grade fiberglass, our hardshell cargo boxes are proudly manufactured in the USA. Spacious, with rear entry access and designed to reduce roads noise, Packasport boxes are available in nine different models. Complete, customizable color matching options are available, and our boxes fit a wide variety of vehicles ­­– cars, vans, trucks, even boats.

We proudly offer $299 flat rate shipping in the continental United States.