Trailblazer (System 115)


The Trailblazer is the largest rooftop cargo box in the US market!  It covers the roof of an SUV like it was born to be there. It fits 4 sets of golf clubs or gear enough for a small expedition, making the Trailblazer live up to it’s name.  See our photo gallery for a pic of someone camping inside.

Our patented, rear-angled base and expanded vehicle mounting points maximize trunk and hatch clearance. Each box is finished with a hard gel coating to handle extreme conditions and a strong lifting strut system so you can trust it will never close while open.

Colors:  Jet Black or Bright White 

Choose Raptor Tough Finish or a custom color for $475 more.

Dimensions:  91" x 44" x 14"    
Weight: 110 pounds    
Volume: 25 cubic feet

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