2022 Van Life Events, Gatherings, and Festivals

What are Van Life Events?

If one is ever curious about the nomadic community, you only need to attend one van life event to get a taste of the culture. Even events that are pegged as “#vanlife” events are always open to all nomadic travelers. Everyone is welcome, from weekend warriors car camping to families living full time on the road in their converted school bus (called “skoolies”). The number one goal for every van life event is to build community around the nomadic lifestyle.

There are a variety of van life events, gatherings, and festivals. Some are sponsored and charge a fee to join in on the fun. There are typically vendor booths promoting things from new aftermarket gearVan Builds, food, music, and workshops led by well-known influencers. Often there is live music, yoga sessions, and even group arts and crafts lessons.

Builders may be available to help with your projects, mechanics sometimes offer up services, and at some point, there’s always a group planning a potluck of sorts.

2022 Van Life Events, Gatherings, and Festivals

This list is certainly not a list of every gathering planned for 2022. But it’s an excellent start to get you excited, and hopefully, find a gathering or event near you! There are many ways to find additional events, gatherings, and festivals, such as utilizing apps like Sēkr or joining a Facebook group for van lifers (there are many!)

Van Life Events

Ultimate List of 2022 Van Life Events, Gatherings, and Festivals
Here are the events for the remainder of 2022. 

July 2022

July 8th - 10th - Overland Expo NW - Redmond, OR

See the world’s leading experts alongside a professional-level trade show that brings together all the equipment and services you need to get outfitted.

July 15th - 18th - Open Roads Fest - McCall, ID

Van festival packed with outdoor activities, workshops, and social events for the road-trippin' community.

July 20th - 24th - 49th Annual National Truck-In - Old Washington, OH  (All vans welcome!)

August 2022

August 26th - 28th - Overland Expo Mountain West - Loveland, CO

Overland Expo MTN West offers more than 300 session hours of incredible programs.

September 2022

September 2nd - 4th - Adventure Van Expo - Redmond, OR

Meet builders, network with van lifers, and check out all kinds of cool workmanship and things maybe you’ve never seen!

September 29th - October 1st - Revel-Mode Van Rally - Moab, Utah

An annual gathering for van enthusiasts with an off-grid dream.

October 2022

October 1st & 2nd - Adventure Van Expo - Chattanooga, TN

Spend the weekend and use the camping area as your base to play in the Chattanooga, Tennessee area!

October 7th - 9th - Overland Expo East - Arrington, VA

Offering more than 150 different classes, slideshows, demonstrations, and activities brought to you by 100+ instructors and presenters from around the world.

November 2022

November 3rd - 6th - Vanarky in the Ozarks - Ponka, AK

Celebrating the growing van life community of the Ozarks.

December 2022

December 3rd & 4th - TinyFest SW - Phoenix, AZ

An Inspiring, educational gathering that provides opportunities for meaningful connections within the nomadic community.


This blog post taken from VanX - https://explorevanx.com/blog/ultimate-list-of-2022-van-life-events-gatherings-and-festivals 


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