Now Is the Time to Buy a Packasport Cargo Box

In the wake of the global COVID-19 pandemic, the retail landscape for sporting goods has been one of scarcity. If you hike, ski, camp or climb you've seen the shortage. Walk into an REI or specialty retailer shop and it hits you.  A mixture of high demand, production slowdowns and shipping delays has caused a shortage of hardgoods like bikes, fishing rods, skis and rooftop cargo boxes. Did you try to buy Nordic skis this winter? Forget about it!

But at Packasport, we manufacturer (and ship) all of our rooftop storage solutions here in the United States. We've ramped up production, have good inventory levels and are offering shipping within the continental United States.

"We've had a number of new customers who've discovered us after they were unsuccessful looking for some of the larger, more well-known brand names of cargo boxes," said Franco Cefalo, Packasport's CEO. "They're delighted we have boxes available, and how quickly we can get the carriers shipped out to them with free shipping if they are unable to find one of our dealers nearby."

The key to Packasport's availability is domestic manufacturing. While some other cargo carrier brands rely heavily on offshore production, Packasport's products are made in Eugene, OR. Using marine grade fiberglass to ensure unparalleled durability and reduce road noise, Packasport's line of easy-to-install rooftop boxes have a legion of followers in the ski, off-road, camping and RV communities.

In the western United States, Packasport boxes can be found at a half-dozen Rack N Road dealerships. Across all of the continental United States, however, Packasport ships free for a limited time until Labor Day 2021.

"Shipping of a large box in excess of 70 pounds is something savvy consumers want to seriously consider," said Cefalo. "Shipping cost on an item like this can be in the neighborhood of $400 and over $500 for our larger carriers to the East Coast. We are working with LTL freight companies to offer a flat rate of $299 on any box in the Continental USA.