Yeah, We're Amped to Work With Zamp

Remember discussing how Packasport was "born in Bend"? If not, start here.

Our connection to the wonderful outdoor Shangri-La that is Bend, OR., may have started in 1993, but there's still a powerful connection to central Oregon to this day.

See, our premium box ­­– the Apollo – features a set of 180-watt solar panels built in to the top. Those solar panels are made by Zamp Solar, an incredibly well-regarded solar panel manufacturer based in (you guessed it) Bend.

 As Bend is a rock star in the world of outdoor recreation towns (yes, Boulder, you're in there, too) Zamp also stands as a luminary in the world of outdoor recreation solar providers.

Zamp created, and now dominates, a niche in high-quality, easy-to-install kits that charge or maintain any traditional 12-volt battery bank or rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Zamp’s energy storage solutions are used extensively by the RV, marine, industrial, automotive, mobility and off-grid markets. But don't just take our word for it. says "Discussing vehicle-based solar power in N. America is impossible without inclusion of Zamp. The Bend, OR company has been charging ahead (pun intended) for the past decade, its panels and system components gracing thousands of RV’s."

 Earlier this year, Rolling Stone wrote "If you’re out on the road or camping, you’re likely not expecting the usual creature comforts. That being said, having an off-the-grid backup source for electricity is always a good idea, and Zamp's 170-watt solar panel kit is a good option for most RV sizes with basic appliances."

Or check out this story in Outside Magazine that details how one writer kitted out an Airstream camper with Zamp panels based on the advice of an Airstream general manager in Arizona.

So, yeah, we're stoked to work with Zamp on our Apollo box. Not just because the company, like ours, was born from the same sort of work-hard/play-hard mindset, but because they make field-tested, proven equipment designed to meet the demand of outdoor adventures.

Want to see the Apollo in action?! Our manufacturer builds many things and towards the end of the segment you will get to experience our new solar inspired Apollo. CLICK HERE