The Mini Solution

Mini's have a shortage of space by design.  Packasport is the solution.

Running around town in a Mini Cooper is easy, nimble and convenient, especially since the little vehicle can fit in small parking spaces.  However, with such limited storage space, it’s not the best choice for road trips.

Packasport cargo carriers are like an attic for your car. Put your luggage, camping gear, sports equipment and groceries up top to free up space inside for your travel companions.

Since Mini is known for their candy colors and racing stripes, then perhaps choose a custom color Packasport to match the personality of the Cooper.  As an added bonus, a bright color makes it super easy to find your car in a crowded parking lot.

Rooftop cargo carriers were once thought of a gangly storage for families.  Packasport rocket boxes are a sleek, aerodynamic and beautiful way to add functionality and personality to your drive.