Cargo Carriers as Art

Our Packasport cargo carrier are hand-crafted to perfection.  It’s an art in and of itself.  The creativity doesn’t stop here. 

We like to encourage the use of colors and design.  For those that want to match the color of their car, we offer to use automotive paint that creats a precise match.  Or just choose a fun color that adds a touch personality and style. 

Black is the most popular choice, however Packasport offers the ability choose any color and three finish options.  Our fiberglass carriers can be finished in a glossy gel coat as well as matte Rapter Tough, scratch-resistant, maintenance-free coating.  that adds a level of protection to the box that is scratch-resistant and maintenance-free.  It too can be tinted just about any color you’d like.  If opting for a custom color to match your drive, then send us your VIN number and we’ll have it painted in the same automotive paint.

For my personal vehicle, I opted to paint the top of the box a bright blue, leaving the bottom black.  It’s classic yet different.  And it helps me find my car in a parking lot.  (seen here on a friend’s BMW)

The fun doesn’t stop there.  We have seen customers do all kinds of creative things with their Packasport, including wrapping them with a printed vinyl or covering the box with stickers collected from road trip adventures. 

Enjoy your box as the piece of art that it is.


Packasport has been producing high quality rooftop cargo carriers for more than 30 years. We hand craft each one in Eugene, OR and proud to say that we have some of the safest, best looking and highest quality roof boxes on the market.

Packasport takes the road less traveled.