Packasport's 3 P's of Holiday Travel

The American Automobile Association says that more than 109 million people will be traveling 50 miles or more this holiday season.

It seems that people have become more comfortable visiting family and friends this year. The key will be preparation and remaining mindful of pandemic restrictions, " said Cyndi Zesk, vice president of travel at AAA Northeast. "Everyone is anxious to celebrate in person again."

AAA created a recommendation list of the "3 P’s" of holiday travel: patience, preparedness, and protection.

Here is our twist on it.


AAA estimates that more than 100 million will take to the road for the holidays. When you think about it, that’s a pretty solid number of cars on the road.

Adding to AAA's idea of being patient, we would like to infuse a little patience and playfulness into our interactions. Restaurants and other services along common travel routes may feel slower than usual since many will have staff shortages. 

Having recently stayed at the Holiday Inn Express during my Thanksgiving trip, I noticed that there were a lot of travelers demanding more from the staff. I was able to empathize and provide some levity to their day. A light joke, along with a sincere expression of gratitude, put a smile on their face. We believe that when someone's stressful day is made a bit brighter, it can have an impact on their future interactions. The playfulness and patience are paid forward.


Since millions of people will be driving this holiday season, it's wise to be prepared for obstacles and breakdowns. AAA estimates that they will get close to a million calls for help this holiday season.

Here are some important things to consider at least a few days before departure:

  • Make sure your car battery is reliable
  • Check tires, brakes, and fluid levels
  • Fill your tank the day before you leave, so you can hit the road quicker
  • Pack some light snacks and plenty of water to avoid getting “hangry” while behind the wheel
  • Plan out when you will break at rest stops


I like to travel light when flying because I detest watching the baggage carousel circulate, hoping that my bag will be next. I find that it’s easier to just grab my carry-on and get rolling. I hardly wear half of what I bring anyway. I pack everything I’ll absolutely need for the trip and give myself space to bring home some gifts for the family.

However, when traveling by car, I’ll pack to the gills. One trip to Costco fills the car so that I can barely see out the back window. During the holidays, luggage, gifts, family, and the pooch take up space quickly. That’s where the Packasport saves the day. I pack anything that is not of immediate need up on top, leaving elbow room and breathing space during a long drive. The safety lock prevents anyone from snagging my stuff when at a rest area. I don't think I could travel without it!

Packasport is on board to offer innovations on many levels, including our solar embedded carriers, a longer box for fishermen, Raptor tough finishes, and our unique custom color capability.  

We wish everyone safe travels during this holiday season and any other adventures.


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